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If you want to be involved at St George’s

The main requirement is to get involved! Anybody can participate in almost anything at any time.
Non-Episcopalians are welcome at the altar rail to receive Holy Communion, your children are welcome in Kidsword, and you can come to any class or social activity, join the choir, or sign up for any Outreach Committee project that strikes your fancy.
The only things non-members can’t do are the legal things like being elected to the Vestry or as a delegate to Diocesan Council.

If you want to become a member of St. George’s Church

Become an Episcopalian if you aren’t already (see next section)
Ask the Church Office to have a Letter of Transfer sent to St. George’s from the Episcopal parish where you have had your membership. If you have never had a Letter of Transfer issued, then your membership is at the parish where you were Confirmed or Received into the Episcopal Church

If you want to become an Episcopalian

Become a Christian through Baptism, if you haven’t already (see next section)
If you are Baptized, you will need to be Confirmed or Received into the Episcopal Church at a special worship service conducted by one of our Bishops. Consult our priest to find out when the next service is planned (generally there is one a year).
In preparation for Confirmation or Reception, you will need to attend a series of classes conducted by our priest. These classes will prepare you to make an informed decision about becoming an Episcopalian by reviewing the Christian faith and the Episcopal tradition. The classes are scheduled to end near the date the Bishop will come for the Confirmation service.

If you are an unbaptized adult wanting to become a Christian

Speak to our priest about being Baptized.
Baptism is the sacrament by which individuals commit themselves to a life in God following Jesus Christ and all that we know about him through the Bible. For an adult it should be a soul-searching commitment, prepared in close consultation with the rector. Often, attendance at Inquirer’s Classes serves as preparation for Baptism as well.
Because Baptism is a matter of becoming incorporated into the Christian community, it is conducted with the entire congregation present on a Sunday morning. There are four regular Baptism Sundays each year in early January, at Easter, at Pentecost in late May or early June, and in early November near All Saints' Day. A mid-summer date for Baptism can be arranged upon request. In addition, Baptisms are appropriate at one of the services of Confirmation.

If you have an infant of a child in your family whom you wish to have Baptized

Speak to our priest about Baptism.
As adult sponsors of your child, our priest will want to visit with you about the meaning of Baptism and your responsibilities in raising your child in the Christian faith and life.
Baptism of infants and young children is conducted at the same services as adult Baptisms (see previous section)

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